The round main logo for One Hat One Hand, showing a hand tipping a hat with a teal background.

Many Hats, Many Hands, As One

Rebranding a 12 years-strong company in order to bring focus to their creative skills

  • One Hat One Hand
  • Fabrication Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Identity Design
  • Brand Communication
  • Web Design

One Hat One Hand had been in business over a decade in San Francisco, building a strong reputation as a fabrication and installation shop. But they were ready to evolve into being equally-known for their design and creative skills, expanding their capabilities and reach across California. Time for a rebrand.

Collage of different fabrication projects by One Hat One Hand.

During our Discovery phase, we learned about the many talented artisans and craftsmen at the company; and we dug into the company name to understand what we could envision from a “Hat” and “Hand.”

Then we infused purpose and meaning into their name:

The Hat is all about Creativity. It represents concepts, ideas, storytelling, and design….The cerebral side.

The Hand is all about Craft. It represents skill, fabrication, engineering….Making brainy ideas a reality.

4 versions of the One Hat One Hand logo in different tonal color palettes.
A black and white oval logo of One Hat One Hand on a gray background.
A photo of the new logo on the back of an employee's shirt at One Hat One Hand.

And we made a “tipping hat” a metaphor for how the company treats people: Showing gratitude to their team; recognizing talents and skills; greeting each new project with an open mind. We worked with tattoo artist Celeste Ciafarone to establish an illustration style that felt both handmade and specific, maintaining Creativity + Craft throughout.


A banner with a blue backdrop showing 5 hand-drawn sketches of different hands tipping hats- all five archetypes developed for One Hat One Hand by Vs.

To visualize their philosophy, we designed five distinct Archetypes – representing the many hats and hands:

The Storyteller is about making with purpose, never art for art’s sake.

The Eccentric highlights the quirky ones, wildly-creative and unconventional.

The Futurist is anti-future-trash and forward-thinking and uses tech in new ways.

The Seeker reps skilling up, being ever-inquisitive, and learning.

The Type A shows OHOH cares about cleanliness, timeliness, and organization.

Banner collage of inspiration imagery Vs. used to design the One Hat One Hand archetypes.

We sprinkled Easter Eggs throughout, pulled from our conversations with the team – some faves:

The “Bingo” written in the Edison bulb on The Eccentric refers to the very first art project they did…

The “Barney” truck on The Futurist is a nod to the company’s first truck…

And “ABK” on the hat of Type A means “Always Be Knolling” – a Tom Sachs reference to keeping your workspace clean.

A tipping hat and hand animation, the main logo design created by Vs. for One Hat One Hand.

For their new website, we went bold with color and referenced pages of a book to show how they’re always aiming to tell a story with any fabrication or design; and we brought branding across various other touchpoints.

OH hey, that’s pretty clever.