Various House of Marley audio products showing the logo designed by Vs. for the brand.

What Would Bob Do?

Working with the Marley family to craft a brand around their iconic patriarch

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The Marley family wanted to develop a brand around Bob – given his ubiquity, of course, this was a pretty gargantuan task. In building the strategy, we started by creating an internal mantra “What would Bob do?” in order to use this as a driving force for Creative. So, that translated to ideas of emphasizing music, social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and helping people.

Collage of the Marley family and owners of House of Marley.
Photograph of Bob Marley.

The logo we created was inspired by a crown, as there is deep significance of the “king” in Rastafarian culture. We also wanted the design to feel like a continuous line, representing ongoing-motion and embrace.


In creating concepts for packaging, the materials we designed with needed to be 100% sustainable and organic – We even experimented with potato packaging, which was novel at the time. We ended up with a minimalist molded-paper design that felt raw and “from the Earth.”

Organic materials like bamboo, wood, and paper which were used as inspiration for packaging design.
A audio product packaging concept design created for House of Marley showing sketches and 3D renderings of designs.

For concepts for the Marley booth at CES, the brand could be felt throughout: We used rustic, natural materials that could be easily repurposed and reused from show-to-show; the booth acted as a listening station for Marley products; and it doubled as a stage, so various bands could perform with guests seated at the edge or watching up front.

House of Marley

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